What’s Kimoe?

The world is about to be dominated by mammonism, and “Ism” and “Ideology” probably won’t bring anything to people during this century; because, a person can love others as well as him/herself under the strong conviction which he/she has a unique thing what only he/she has. Also communication with the community inherently consists of intimate bond to oneself. Kimoe was born as the catalyst. As the “universal character” which spins ethos for the new generation, exceeding times…
These days, through the cultural destruction, our insistence of “ism” and “identity” has reached an impasse. Even if we don’t express “ism” and “personality”, we never suffer for anything in such an affluent society. However we naturally must keep facing with the current of collapsing “ism” unless we lose something precious as human being.

As a way of expressing oneself (=individuality), you can make yourself belong to a group in the community. But individuality is absorbed by a part of the group just as it belongs to the community. In other words, to make an appeal something from oneself to the community, a catalyst which connects the both is necessary. Kimoe; the constant existence, which isn’t influenced by any changes of time and trend, bears a catalyst for everyone from neutral standpoint for every kind of organization, group, and idea.

Catalyst for communication ~to be a catalyst for the new encounter~

In this way, TEAM KIMOE and the main character Kimoe were born. Because Kimoe is neutral and constant existence, freely everyone can create her character. Or rather, we think it must be so. TEAM KIMOE offered opportunity, so the environment surrounding Kimoe will keep making her grow. By this new marketing technique, we manage TEAM KIMOE.


KIMOE Office (TEAM KIMOE) bears a role of production; coordinates the main character Kimoe who has various activities as a universal character. We also plan the sales promotion which raises her acknowledgment, and the activity as the agent for the people who would like to try using Kimoe.

KIMOE Office summary
EstablishmentFebruary 1st,2006
Office address2-22-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 105-0002
Main business contentsGoods sales promotion
Marketing research planning
Creator training support
License management

FebruaryKimoe Office in Shibuya, Tokyo was established
Aprilkimoe.net was released
The 1st free Kimoe goods were distributed in Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and Suidobashi
May1st media promotion (transportation media promotion), in Tokyo metro all lines, and JR principal station
JulyDepartment of Kimoe goods development was organized
School festival project team was organized
September2nd transportation promotion in private railways in Tokyo
Kimoe creative seminar was opened
October~NovemberSchool festival “KIMOE @ school festa” at 12 universities in Kanto area
Novemberkimoe.tv was released
3rd media promotion
2nd free Kimoe goods distribution in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro

On the occasion of the establishment of KIMOE office, we gained the cooperation of enterprise (listed below) which understood Kimoe concept.

Principal approval enterprise (the Japanese syllabary order)
I&D Pty. Ltd.
Engine Pty. Ltd.
Sougo Staff Co., Ltd.
Sonic Co., Ltd.
Digidol net Co., Ltd.
Tenshoku-Ichiba Co., Ltd.