Q : How long is the license period?
A : As a general rule, one year.

Q : Is it possible for you to draw Kimoe in a new pose or with a different expression?
A : Of course! Please let us know what you want.

Q : How much is the fee for use of the Kimoe image?
A : The use fee varies depending on the use purpose, use media and use period.
Use Purposes : Advertising, one-off campaigns, merchandising, etc.
Use Media : TV, newspaper, Internet, etc.

Where the character is to be used for merchandising, the product retail price is multiplied with the royalty fee percentage and the number of units produced.
[Product Retail Price] x [Royalty fee percentage] x [Units Produced]
Please let us know your actual plans and we will provide you with a fee estimate.
As a special student discount is available for license use, all students inquires are welcome.

Q : I’d like to use the Kimoe image in my campaign, how much is the use fee?
A : The Kimoe image use fee varies according to use conditions such as use purpose and period as well as the range of media. Further where the Kimoe image is used to create sales promotion premium goods additional royalties are payable.

Q : Can I ask your company to create an animation or goods using the Kimoe image?
A : Yes, you can. Please let us know what you want.

Q : I’d like to use the images of Kimoe posted on your website to create a rough design.
A : Before use, contact us. As there are cases where some of the images may have already been used by a business similar to your own or in previous merchandising, please let us check in advance whether or not use is possible.

Q : How long is the check period for items such as design?
A : While it varies according to the time of year, as a general rule it’s approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

Q : What is checked?
A : When the Kimoe image is to be used in products or campaigns, whether the use method, design and similar are appropriate is checked.

Q : After I sign the contract, what should I do if I want to use the Kimoe image in a media not covered under the contract?
A : Where outside the scope of use under the original contract, if you let us know your request and we consent, it is necessary to enter into an additional contract.

Q : Are there any prohibitions in the use of Kimoe image?
A : Generally speaking use in any way that may harm the Kimoe image or that is against the law is prohibited. Further use of the Kimoe image in products that target an age group that we believe is inappropriate or use in some forms of advertising may be refused. Please feel free to contact us with any specific inquiries