Collection of Private Information and Use Purposes.

TEAM KIMOE shall not use contact information, including but not limited to the name, address and telephone number collected at the time of inquiry or upon registration (hereinafter referred to as “the Private Information”), for any purposes other than providing notice of the various events held by TEAM KIMOE, information collection, contracts and office processing for Kimoe’s PR activities and office processing in relation to its sponsors and affiliates.

Shared Use of the Private Information
The collected Private Information shall be jointly held and used by TEAM KIMOE’s participating companies (*). Further where there is participation by a different sponsor, the Private Information may be disclosed to that sponsor, provided it is only used for the purposes stated in item above.
*(the Japanese syllabary order)
I&D Pty. Ltd.
Engine Pty. Ltd.
Sougo Staff Optionally Co., Ltd.
Sonic Co., Ltd.
Daylight Co., Ltd.
Digidol Net Co., Ltd.
Tenshoku-Ichiba Co., Ltd.

Supply of the Private Information to Commissioned Parties
Where required for the smooth performance of operating activities, the Private Information may be provided to commissioned parties who it is judged are appropriate from the point of view of protection of the Private Information.

Custody and Care of Private Information
The collected Private Information database shall be strictly held only by TEAM Kimoe on its hard disc and in its files.

Requests for Disclosure of Private Information
Requests for disclosure shall only be accepted where they are made in writing and signed and sealed by the person making the request.